Uses the latest technology to guide either in-row weeders or inter-row cultivator hoes around the crop. In addition to this Garford also manufactures hooded sprayers allowing for more accurate application of liquid fertilisers, herbicides or weedicides.

In Australia these machines have been used in organic wheat, tomatoes, salad crops and many other vegetable crops across multiple states with machines currently operating in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Each machine is built to specification in the UK and can be configured as either a weeder, cultivator, hooded sprayer or a combination of the three.

The Garford head stock is also available for purchase with its camera and computer controlled side-shift movement giving more flexibility in the paddock.

The Robocrop in-row weeder utilises camera images to identify crop foliage which then communicates to the weeder arms to weed in and around the crop in addition to the weeding that occurs between the rows, covering the entire area of the crop.

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Interrow Cultivator Front or Rear Mount

Interrow cultivator front and rear mount

Typical setup for camera control – This Interrow weeder operates in organic wheat.